Khor Virap, Noravank, “Devil’s” bridge, Tatev (wayback on Ropeway)

$45/ per person

  • Duration: 15 hours
  • Start: 08:30

During this excursion you will travel to south through the vast plains of Ararat to visit Khor Virap Monastery. As we continue on our way the plains give way to undulating hills as we start making our way into the mountains. Continuing on our way, the scenery becomes more mountainous and we head into a spectacular gorge where we make a stop at the picturesque Noravank Monastery, taking pride of place in a lofty position overlooking the gorge below. You will have an exceptional opportunity to visit the UNESCO world heritage listed Tatev monastery complex via the world’s longest reversible cable car ”TaTever”.

What's Included

  • Professional guide
  • Entrance tickets
  • Master classes & tastings
  • WiFi in vehicles
  • Hotel pick-up (city center)
  • Air Conditioning in vehicles
  • Vehicle & passengers insurance
  • Bottled water
  • Cookies


  • Visit the cradle of civilization and Christianity
  • Get acquainted with the history of Christian Armenia
  • Admire the beauty of Armenian architecture
  • Fly with Tatever and observe the gorge of Vorotan
  • Explore the mysterious history of Tatev

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Khor Virap is arguably the most amazing sight in Armenia. It is an ancient monastery, shrouded in mystery and stories. After all, it is here that, according to legend, St. George the Illuminator was tortured and kept in the dungeons for 14 years. The complex of the monastery is located above the cave that tourists today have access to, and offers stunning views of the wide fields at the foot of Mount Ararat. Full of legends, Khor Virap is a cult place for the Christian history of Armenia. After the events unfolding here, Armenia became the first country (301) to adopt Christianity as the state religion.


In the gorge of the Aspa River, among the red rocks “burning” at sunset, is located one of the essentials of Armenian architecture, namely, the Noravank monastery complex. Built in the 13th century, Noravank was a religious place for the entire spiritual world of Armenia, and it also carried the role of a cultural and educational center. The whole complex consists of two churches and one chapel. They are Surb Astvatsatsin, Surb Karapet and Surb Grigor, but the most memorable and unique among them is the Church of Surb Astvatsatsin. The church is decorated with special splendor. It is a structure of three floors including the dome, fully decorated with subtle patterns. The interior looks more modest, yet you can’t stop wondering about the courage of the architect and miniaturist Momik, who completed the church structure in 133. The church is believed to be his most tremendous work. The main element of the church is the narrow cantilever staircase that leads to the second floor, yet has no handrails. They say your faith helps to keep balance. It is impossible to convey the feeling of rising above the world into words.

Tatev or wings of Armenia

“May the holy spirit send wings!”, this was the phrase with which one of the workers who built the Tatev monastery dropped from the cliff and abruptly ascended into the sky on the wings, according to legend. The scale and beauty of Tatev can really be seen completely only from high up in the sky. It is the place the longest reverse cable way in the world was laid. During the “flight” you will discover dense forests, the gorge of the Vorotan river and the Tatev monastery itself. All this appears before your eyes in all its glory from a height of 320 meters above the ground. It seems like everything is floating here. The only reminder that you are still on earth are the ruins of an ancient village and huge ancient trees around, but even among them there are amazing “aerial” sites, such as the desert Tatev, abandoned and forgotten after an earthquake. Tatev is a must-see point for those who are never enough to be only on earth.


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