Noratus, Hayravank, Lake Sevan (Sevanavank), Sevan trout barbecue master class

$28/ per person

  • Duration: 7 hours
  • Start: 09:30

Armenia is a popular destination for nature-based tourism. People looking forward to experiencing natural scenery, through outdoor activities while caring about the sustainability and the impact on the environment of these activities, will find their happy place in Armenia. The tour starts from Yerevan, the capital and heads to the north of the country. Passing through the long highway firstly you will catch your first glimpse of the expansive waters of the beautiful Lake Sevan with its backdrop of mountain peaks, afterwards visit the Hayravank Monastery.

What's Included

  • Professional guide
  • Entrance tickets
  • Master classes & tastings
  • WiFi in vehicles
  • Hotel pick-up (city center)
  • Air Conditioning in vehicles
  • Vehicle & passengers insurance
  • Bottled water


  • Discover the majestic history of Lake Sevan
  • Feel closer to the nature while gazing the waves of the lake

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Noratus is most famous for this cemetery, the oldest part of which includes over 800 khachkars (stone crosses), carved between the 9th-17th centuries.

The carvings are from each period of the art form's development, which are distilled into three main periods: 9th-10th cc, 11th-12th cc and 13th-16th cc.

Noratus field was the second largest field of khachkars in existence until the larger field of around 2,500 khachkars at Jugha (Nakhichevan) were systematically destroyed by Azerbaijan in 1998-2005. Few Jugha Stones survive, mostly at Echmiadzin. After the destruction of the Jugha field, Noratus became the largest remaining collection of khachkars in the world.

Lake Sevan is one of the first associations that comes to mind after mentioning Armenia. It is the largest source of fresh water for the country and the also the biggest in the whole Caucasus. Surrounded by mountain ranges at an altitude of about 1900 meters above sea level, Sevan is striking in its beauty and azure-blue water surface. The lake has a small peninsula, at the top of which is located the monastery of Sevanavank. In a complex with several buildings, the monastery has been preserved since the 18th century and is still in effect. From a height, it seems that the mountains and the water merge together and there is not a single border between them. Watching the endless play of the waves shimmering under the sun makes one mistake it for a sea. This association is truthful indeed. In the ancient Armenian sources, Sevan was called “the Geghama Sea”, or was simply referred to as “the sea”. Amazing nature combines rocky landscape and pine mini forests located alongside the coast. Once here for the first time, you begin to feel the infinite harmony and inner peace. We invite you to immerse yourself in this feeling and relax both mentally and physically.


The rocky capes surrounding Sevan fascinate with their severity. On one of these capes near the village of Hayravank is a monastery that bears the same name. The monastery is built of roughly treated stones; however, the connecting corners of the church are hemmed from the inside, which makes it different from the others, yet not sloppy. Hayravank is a unique archaeological find. Restored in the 80s of the previous century, the complex, comprising a church and a porch, is a vivid example of ancient Armenian architecture.



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