Saghmosavank, Alphabet Alley, Amberd


$25/ per person

  • Duration: 7 hours
  • Start: 09:00

Armenia, also known as the “Land of Churches,” is said to have over 4,000 monasteries and churches, which can be found all over the country. The Christian faith has shaped the Armenian culture so intimately that it permeates the very landscape of the country, with khachkars (cross stone carvings) strewn across even the most remote valleys, and ancient monasteries and churches nestled on the peaks of mountains surrounded by breathtaking nature. During his tour you will escape and hide in Saghmosavank monastery, then the road will take you to the alley where you will take a photo next to the first letter of your name. So adventures do not end and the huge fortress awaits you there. And if you are lover of sweets, than prepare to be a part of making Armenian national sweets during the master-class.

What's Included

  • Professional guide
  • Entrance tickets
  • Hotel pick-up
  • Air Conditioning in vehicles
  • Bottled water


  • Explore the land of churches
  • Let us escape and hide in Saghmosavank and love pure nature
  • Get acquainted with Christian faith and culture
  • Explore the famous military fort Amberd
  • Learn your name in Armenian at Alphabet Alley


It is the place where the monks found peace and unity with God, wrote psalms, historical documents and spiritual writings. Saghmosavank or the “Psalm Monastery” is located on the edge of the picturesque canyon of the Kasagh River. The gorge is flooded with light and amazes with its visibility. From here you can see the canyon in its full, without missing anything that might capture your interest.

Despite its gloomy and formidable view, the monastery is saturated with peace and tranquility. Many Armenian clerics found refuge for work and spiritual enlightenment behind its sheltered walls.

Founded from 1215 to 1235, the monastery that had its own impressive library, was the scientific and religious center of Armenia for quite a long time. You can still find the original stone porch there. There’s a multitude of carved stone crosses inside the church. Some were created on purpose, the others were left by the parishioners, which transmits the energy of this truly amazing place.

Armenian Alphabet Monument is located in the village of Artashavan, at the east side bottom of Mt. Aragats. It was erected in 2005 to the 1600 anniversary of creation of the Armenian alphabet by the design of the famous Armenian architect Jim Torosyan. The monument is an interesting demonstration of the stone carvings of 39 Armenian letters. The Armenian alphabet has been used to write the Armenian language since the year 405 or 406 and is still used to present Armenian language in written form. It was devised by Saint Mesrop Mashtots, an Armenian linguist and ecclesiastical leader, in order to make the Bible accessible to Armenians and spread Christianity. Originally it contained 36 letters and had been completed in the Middle Ages.


Almost all Armenian fortresses were built in hard-to-reach places, and still preserved temple of Amberd is not making an exception. Located at an altitude of 2300 meters above sea level, Amberd is striking in its architecture, as for it seems that any other building would have collapsed long ago on such a height. In the case of this precise fortress the height and landscape served as an additional fortification from enemies and the walls of the fortress seem to have become the continuation of the mountain. Surrounded with deep gorges, the fortress was the family estate of the princely family of Pahlavuni in the 10-13 century. The fortress, the castle, the internal water supply system, the baths, the secret passage to the gorge and the church built in 1026 have survived to the present day. Amberd is an amazing place for fanciers of antiquity and architecture.


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